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RESOLVE is the best resource for all things infertility/pregnancy loss. Everything from insurance coverage, breaking down procedures and answering all the questions in between. They wrap it all up with a beautiful easy to read bow.

Another great resource for up-to-date data, spreadsheets and local clinic info.


Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology is a great resource to find the best clinic for you. They break down success rate allowing you to have a clearer picture of the offices in your area.

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American Pregnancy Association provides recent safety protocols and information regarding getting pregnant, navigating infertility and women's health.

Office of Women's Health coordinates women's health efforts across HHS and addresses critical women's health issues by informing and advancing policies, educating health care professionals and consumers, and supporting innovative programs.


Save IVF understands the process and financial strife fertility treatment can cause. They have organized the best service possible for the clinic & patient to partner with the most affordable pharmacy, in hopes to make this part of their journey as easy and stress-free as possible.


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