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Fertility Doula

A fertility doula is a trained professional that provides support to people and their partners as they navigate their path to parenthood.

What you will get. . . 



    • An open and safe space for unbiased conversation.


    • Virtual companionship through appointments should you require it.​


    • A fertility assessment to identify your fertility as it is and identify goals and break down barriers.

    • Whether you decide to take a holistic or Western approach - you will receive support with the most up-to-date resources and evidence-based information to empower you to advocate for yourself confidently.


    • Proven methods of tracking your fertile window and best days for conception.

    • Tips to notice physical signs of ovulation and how to listen and read your body.  


    • If your path leads you to medical intervention (i.e. IVF/ IUI etc.), you will be provided with information and resources for your specific situation. 

    • Resources and support to help you find the best team of doctors in your area.

    • Local referrals for alternative methods of care.


    • Techniques to aid in coping through to process of trying to conceive, infertility & loss.


    • A personalized breakdown of how to adjust your lifestyle to optimize fertility.


When to Hire a Fertility Doula:

  • When you and your partner have made the decision to “try” or you are starting your journey in the near future.

  • When you spend hours researching and still have many unanswered questions.

  • When you are navigating fertility treatments.

  • If you have experienced pregnancy loss.

    • If you are currently experiencing a pregnancy loss please contact us at no cost. It is a challenging and heart-breaking experience. We would be honored to hold space, hear your story and guide you through the healing process.



90 minute virtual meeting
4-week service
Biweekly virtual 60 min meetings
 Unlimited phone/email support
Unlimited email support
Not sure what you need?
Book a free 30 min consultation.
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