Choosing Your Medical

Care Team

There is no right or wrong choice, only the one that feels good to you.

When choosing a medical provider and care team consider these questions:

- Do I feel safe?

- Do I feel comfortable?

- Does their standard of care align with my goals? 

*Remember - you always have the option to transfer your care.*

Midwife VS Doctor

The History & Culture of Midwifery


Home Birth

First-Time Birth/ Choosing Home Birth
Hospital VS Home Birth/ VBAC
Hospital VS Home Birth
Home Birth VS Birth Center

Home Birth Midwives

Primal Roots Midwifery
Sera Gadbois, CPM and Sarah Oster, Midwife
Circle of Life Midwifery
Joni Stone, CPM and Kara Crawford, Midwife
Joyful Homebirth
Carolyn Greenfield, CPM
Moonlight Midwifery Care
Nancy S. Farr, Midwife and Kim Cash, Midwife
Family Midwifery
Gengi G. Proteau, CPM
New Life Blessings
Vanessa Lewis, DEM, NARM CPM candidate, practicing with 2 CPMs
Heart In Birth Midwifery
Jody Mello DEM, NARM CPM candidate, practicing with 2 CPMs